what is bach2roq?

  • bach2roq is an educational and business software enterprise, with its main areas of operation as software, science consultancy & music
  • bach2roq aims to provide software and educational programs in each of the above major areas of work
  • bach2roq is an original concept enterprise. All the major products have been created by the staff at bach2roq, and we are very proud of the positive outcomes that we have had for the use of our novel approaches

about the development of bach2roq

  • bach2roq has developed essentially from the the hobbies and interests of Peter Huf, the owner and originator of bach2roq. These interests include maths & sciences, constructive use of technology, music & the arts, philosophy, athletics & general sports
  • commenced in 1977 as a music teaching & science tutoring business
  • started trading as bach2roq in 1992
  • now uses extensive original software development in business, artistic and academic areas

about the name bach2roq

  • The name is in gratitude of so many composers who gave their energies to creating so much beautiful music over the centuries. The Bach family are regarded as one of the best known musical families, but perhaps Johann Sebastian Bach would have not wanted to be unduly adulated. In particular the baroque composers have left us with music that we can play in a contemporary style - very thoughtful of them. Hence bach to rock. It has been suggested that the ch2 (in the middle of bach2roq) is a free radical group in the middle which tends to make things happen.

  •  Bach was (probably) also very organised, hard-working and humble, even though he is widely regarded as one of the greatest ever composers.. We value all of these attributes in anyone.


  • We believe that the arts and sciences are really a part of the same creative energy that we humans engage in. The arts are not so unpredictable and the sciences are far more philosophical than it seems to the casual observer.

  • Pattern recognition at all levels aids human existence whether this occurs in mathematics, sciences, music or business. 

  • In nearly every physical endeavour there is an animal species that can far outdo a human performance. Yet the human brain is probably the most complex of the organic nervous systems on Earth and hence capable of greater understanding than any other species. It can also be argued that humans are capable of the most complex movements and behaviour. 

  • While in many ways current societies favours the specialist over the all-rounder, at bach2roq we encourage businesses and the individual to develop a range of high-level skills in academic, business, physical and artistic domains and thereby become more adaptable and ultimately enjoy life fully.

  • We believe it is good to bet back to basics in nearly anything, and we aim to do this in all of our pursuits, and hence build on a solid foundation.

bach2roq music

  • music has always been part of bach2roq
  • music is a science and an art
  • the scientific aspects are all of the those parts that are necessary to be reproduced with enough exactness so as to recognise a piece of music as to what is is. Many large scientific businesses have grown to do just exactly that. The electronics industry has musical functions throughout all of its sections.
  • the artistic  aspects of music needs little discussion here as most people associate them immediately
  • music is essentially a software product - all of its functions can be carried out on a computer - recording, performing, generating sequences, printing music, analysing, ear training, etc...
  • music has a mystery that brings people together for a shared joyful community experience which is immediately accessible to everyone present
  • at bach2roq we have an extensive and original music program which we hope is accessible to everyone in some way

bach2roq science

  • science and art are very much part of the same process of human endeavour
  • science explores the world in a way which is reproducible to anyone who makes the effort to do so
  • science is also immensely useful and nearly all of human developments come from a scientific endeavour
  • at bach2roq we are keen to partake of this process in education and research and development of suitable projects

bach2roq software

  • software is an organisational process that can provide cohesion, enhance business activities and communication
  • the internet has provided many new opportunities to communicate ideas to other students and colleagues
  • at bach2roq we use software and the internet in most of our programs, and are pleased to be part of the development of other businesses in the use of these technologies
what is special about bach2roq
  • bach2roq operates as an all-inclusive collegiate in its pursuits in academe, the arts, health and business
  • bach2roq has a back to basics approach - it encourages everyone to go back to the basics to move forward
  • bach2roq is non-competitive - in all the areas we encourage everyone to achieve their maximum outcome (even businessesin competition with us)
  • bach2roq is scientific - in all aspects we consider fundmental theories and uses of technologies
  • bach2roq wants everyone to enjoy the joie de vivre - work hard at your business in the day and then celebrate at the end with great music and passion



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