• At bach2roq we have enjoyed creating software for the past 20 years which has enhanced businesses, academic & government institutions. 
  • With the evolving nature of software, electronics and the internet, many new software technologies are being used with increasing success to enhance productivity, revenue and communication. Our team of programmers have very much enjoyed being part of this. 
  • We have specialised in designing customised software that is designed for the specific needs of the company. 
  • We give no obligation, free assessments and costs are fully quoted before work commences.
  • Our costs are based at $75 (AUD) per hour plus any overheads (travel, etc...) for PC and intranet based systems. For online systems see here.
  • Our work is guaranteed according to our products policy.

business software and web pages

general PC software applications*
  • general administrative software customised for the specialised nature of the business activity
  • timetabling

  • scheduling

  • automated booking systems

  • accounts management & reconciliation

  • automated email systems

  • automated & integrated reports

  • plus...many more applications designed by the client

database systems*
  • development of software that manages a database system (intranet ot internet)
  • database setup and management

  • data searching sql

  • sql training

  • integrated database systems

scientific & medical software systems*
  • scientific & medical analysis

  • technical analysis

  • research data analysis

  • data presentation & reports

  • literature & data searches & reports

mathematical software systems*
  • data analysis

  • mathematical analysis

  • fourier analysis

  • modelling

  • graphical data analysis

  • complex data management

timetabling software*
  • software modules that calculate specialised timetabling of activities of a business
  • integrated management with reports & accounts
  • design allows management of complex and varying timetables
computer audio software
  • specialising in midi & audio systems
  • customised audio
  • music education software
  • sound analysis
specialised prototype applications*
  • specialised customised software applications

web pages & internet systems

web page design and construction
online database systems*
  • web page systems 
  • allows fully integrated online advertising of stock to the customer
  • online ordering and sales
online merchant systems*
  • automated assessment systems for academic assessment

educational software

PC and online automatic assessment system*
  • automated assessment systems for academic assessment
  • consists of course work material & self-testing questions
  • assessment
academic workload software*
  • online system for the management of academic workloads
online administrative software*
  • online system for the academic coursework
PC based music education software
  • ear training software
  • for product list see here
* due to Commercial-In-Confidence agreements we are unable to directly demonstrate many of our products on the internet. Please contact to arrange personal demonstrations.





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