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aims to open new directions-looks for new perspectives-make links between existing areas of knowledge-using a back to basics approach-combining theoretical intellectual & practical hand-on approach and philosophy

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mathematics & physics mathematical modelling

general relativity
investigating exact solutions of the Einstein field equations using novel software packages, with the aim to elucidate new conjectures, and to provide a platform for the understanding of GR to the academic community
Van den Bergh, Norbert*, Carminati, John, Karimian, Hamid Reza* and Huf, Peter (2012) Shear-free perfect fluids with a solenoidal electric curvature, Classical and quantum gravity, vol. 29, no. 10, pp. 1-9
ERA journal ID: 959 Scopus EID: 2-s2.0-84860654692

Huf, P.A. and Carminati, J. (2013) TensorPack : Maple software for tensor algebra, in Unknown (ed.), ACGRG 2013 : Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, p. 1

Huf, P.A. & Carminati, J. (2014) TensorPack: a Maple-based software package for the manipulation of algebraic expressions of tensors in general relativity.
active since 2009
    mathematical models in education aims to convince students of the value of mathemtical modelling using simple but practical examples at all levels   commencing 2014
science: biochemistry & physiology metabolism analytical chemistry of steroid analysis  

Huf, P.A., Bourne, A.R., and Watson, T.G. (1987). Identification of testosterone sulfate in the plasma of the male lizard Tiliqua rugosa. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 66, 364-368.

Huf, P.A., Bourne, A.R., and Watson, T.G. (1989). The in vitro biosynthesis of epitestosterone and testosterone from C steroid precursors in the testis of the lizard Tiliqua rugosa. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 75, 280-286.

Bond, A.M., Hollenkamp, A.F., Thompson, S.B., Bourne, A.R., Huf, P.A., and Watson T.G. (1988). Analytical and mechanistic aspects of the electrochemical oxidation of keto steroids derivatised with phenylhydrazine, (4-nitrophenyl) hydrazine, and (2,4- dinitrophenyl)hydrazine. Anal.Chem. 60, 1023-1027.

Huf, P.A. (1990). Androgen metabolism in the Australian lizard Tiliqua rugosa. PhD thesis. Deakin University.


 Huf, P.A., Bourne, A.R., and Watson, T.G. (1985). Identification of C19 - and C21 -steroid conjugates in the male lizard Tiliqua rugosa. Australian Society for Reproductive Biology. Proceedings of the seventeenth annual conference. Adelaide, p.111.

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 Huf, P.A. and Watson, T.G. (1990). Steroid 17B-oxidoreductase in rat brain. Proceedings of Australian Neuroscience Meeting, April, Brisbane.

 Huf, P.A., Nair, V.G., and Watson, T.G. (1992) Steroid regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. Proceedings of the Australian Neuroscience Meeting, February, Adelaide.

 Smith, A., Watson, T.G. and Huf, P.A. (1992) Steroid acyl-transferase in sheep brain. Submitted to Australian Neuroscience Society, Melbourne.


  metabolism metabolic modelling metabolic modelling of a human mitochondria Metabolic Modelling of a Human Mitochondria (Leenhardt & Huf 2013) - private paper commenced 2013
neuroscience   neurobehavioural testing  

Huf, P.A. and Gray, C.N. (1995) Computerised Neurobehavioural Testing. Australian Institute for Occupational Health, December, Adelaide.

neuroscience & music music, maths and science  

Huf, P.A., Parker, S.P.A., Corbo, M  and Stevens, K.M.(1995) Effect of music training on monaural perception of pitch and rhythm . Percep. Mot. Skills 82, 843-851.

Huf, P.A. (1995) Music to spark the brain. Deakin News 2, 10-11.


Huf, P.A., Parker, S.P, and Corbo, M. (1994) Ear dominance teste for the perception of melody, harmony and rhythm: effect of music training and musicality. 21st Annual Experimental Psychology Conference, University of Sydney, April.

 Huf, P.A., Parker, S.P, and Corbo, M. (1995) Music perception and hemispheric asymmetry. Australian Neuroscience Society, February, Perth.

 Huf, P.A., Parker, S.P, and Corbo, M. (1994) Effect of music training on ear dominance tests for pitch and or Music Perception, June, Berkeley.

physiology & music physiology & music physiology of music the effects of music on the human state   commenced 2014
music music ear training active since 1990

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Dr Peter Huf

Peter Huf Dr Peter Huf  (director bach2roq) has worked as a scientist and musician since 1978. He has tertiary qualifications in Arts and Sciences with majors in mathematics, history and philosophy of science, chemistry, biochemistry and computing, a PhD in biochemistry and Diploma in Electronics. He has worked as lecturer at Deakin University in various sciences, and undertaken postdoctoral research in biochemistry, physiology and neurology, authoring about 30 publications and abstracts. He has studied classical guitar at Melbourne University Conservatorium. His musical qualifications include grade 8 classical guitar and piano (AMEB). He has taught music for 30 years, and since 1987 has recorded 4 albums, including "Classical Twelve String Guitar" vols. 1 -3 and his most recent "Eclectomania". Peter's albums have been occasionally presented on ABC Classic FM radio. He currently works both at Deakin University as a lecturer and freelance as a scientist and musician and is director of the bach2roq group which is involved in innovative methods and software technologies in science education and music.


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