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Concerts at bach2roq

As part of our music teaching program, bach2roq holds several types of concerts: 

1. informal family concerts – held near the end of each of terms 1,2,3. These are for students of all levels.
2. advancing concerts –for the intermediate and higher level students (level 5 or more) and teachers to perform.
3. end of year concerts – these are held about 1 month before Christmas. These are for all students for display some of their years work. This concert is usually the largest of the year.
4. exam preparation concerts – in these small concerts students perform for family, teachers and other exam students in preparation for their imminent examinations. They are usually held about 4-6 weeks before exams, and only if other concerts have not been appropriate.
5. professional concerts – the higher level students and teachers will occasionally perform at professional occasions. bach2roq students are encouraged to support this where possible.
6. student mini-concerts - held 2 to 3 times per term, these are an opportunity for students to perform their works to a supportive audience. These are general free admission
7. feature concerts - this is a new format in 2016. This will involve a diverse range of short concerts, being held routinely, and allowing a chance for a wide range of performers to present a concert program. As is typical of the bach2roq style it could be classical or rock or anything in between. It is open to any performers who are motivated to prepare a program. It could be a student (or group) or a professional musician (or group). There will be an entry fee and performers will be involved in the production of the event. This is a chance to explore a business approach to concert presentation.

The concerts are an important aspect of the music teaching program:
· they bring people together with a common interest (and sometimes even without)
· they give all students of all levels performance the opportunity to gain performance experience in a most supportive family environment
· they allow rehearsal and preparation for other performances
· they give students experience in the production and management aspects of concerts. This includes marketing, administration, advertising, cash management, in addition to the artistic aspects of a concert
· it allows experience in the management and understanding of the technical aspects of music production, including the management of sound, the instruments and the electronic. A sound control student group takes responsibility of this aspect of the production
· they are very special family inclusive events, giving lasting memories of special times that families can be involved in, and share with other families

A few other aspects of concerts are worth noting:

· nervous tension - nearly all students are surprised by how nervous they get while performing music. I can personally attest to that, having lost much sweat during many performances. This state of anxiety can be emotionally, mentally and even physically debilitating for some. If you are one of these people, then be assured that nearly everyone is to some extent. Be further assured that we understand, and also that we expect everyone at our concerts to understand. The bach2roq concerts are supportive of the performers to allow the adaptation to this tension, which can be harnessed to produce a successful result. On a personal note, I really only overcame this anxiety when I realized that the music I played had a genuine connection with the people listening. So in the long term it is best to aim for quality performance and you will find it more enjoyable for everyone. However there are many steps along the way where you feel as if you didn’t quite do it well enough. If you believe you can, then you will eventually and it is just a matter of practice until you get there. Performances along the way give valuable insight on how you can cope with this task.

· All levels are accommodated – we follow a community approach and accept anyone who wants to try. We try to allocate appropriate times, and modes of delivering the skills that the student has prepared.

· Focus on music – on a final note, the focus of our work is on the music. We do not consider ourselves an entertainment industry, even though the vast majority of people do, and a lot of what we do has entertainment value. Rather our focus is on personal and musical development of the individual in a family and community context.

Peter Huf, June 2016


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