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bach2roq is involved in music teaching, performing, recording and software. As its name suggests bach2roq music is involved in producing a range of musical styles, from classical to jazz, rock and popular music.

Music teaching involves structured courses in piano, keyboard, guitar, vocals, strings, wind, bass, drums and computing, in solo and/or group lessons. All other instruments can be involved in the group sessions. Teachers for most instruments can be referred or recommended. bach2roq teachers can teach in either regular weekly mode or single lesson mode.

Course structures Music lessons can follow a set course, or be adapted for the students desired musical direction. The set courses for guitar and keyboard involve a set syllabus graded into ten levels, from beginner to advanced. Each level consists of sections eg. scales and technical work, learning without reading music, sight reading, classical, jazz, rock and pop pieces, aural training, improvisation, theory, rhythm and group pieces. In advanced levels recording and performing are encouraged. In each level the student is encouraged to suggest their own pieces. Students can work at their own pace through each level, and may take from 3 - 18 months to complete a level, depending on motivation, aptitude and other commitments. There is no time limit set on the student's progress. Students may attempt the syllabus in solo or group lessons. The student is presented with the material in the first phase of the level, then selects pieces and revises for an end of level test.

bach2roq Exams (set course only) At the completion of each level of the set course, the student is tested on their ability to perform a selection of the music for the level. They are not encouraged to do this until the teacher is sure that they are ready. Tests are undertaken in the last week of term, or at the discretion of the teacher.

AMEB exams Students may also attempt AMEB exams through bach2roq. However they must plan this at least one year ahead, and enrol for solo lessons in that time. This is recommended for piano students, but only for guitarists with a strong interest in classical music.

Regular Weekly lessons Lesson times are arranged to occur at a regular weekly time. Lessons are 30 minutes in duration. All lessons are prepaid to the end of term (unless introductory lessons).

Single lesson mode Lessons are 30-60 minutes in duration, and only one lesson is arranged. All lessons are paid at time of booking. this usually involves one student, but groups may be organised.

Registration lesson All new students are to undergo an introductory lesson with a senior instructor which will 

  • introduce you to the school, 
  • meet a senior instructor
  • allow an evaluation of the student
  • allow questions to be answered and clarified
  • arrange a suitable program
  • begin instruction in music
  • arrange email contact

Students should have or bring along instruments and music. Parents of young students are encouraged to attend this first lesson. After this lesson a follow-up program will be arranged for the student. We often find that students and parents are clearer on what they want after these sessions.

Weekly solo lessons (regular) are 30 minutes duration, usually once per week, and involve only the instructor and student. The student may request their own syllabus or attempt the set course (or part). The time for the lessons is negotiated with the teacher. Solo lessons can be held at the students home, upon payment of a travelling fee.

Group/band/Orchestra lessons (instrumental and vocal) are 60 minutes in duration, one session per week, with a varying number of members per group. Generally these are held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings, although groups may organise their own times.  All group lessons are held at a pre-arranged venue, which may include the students homes, school or other venue.

Learning is often more complete in a group situation. The initial development of the groups/bands/orchestras (open to all instruments) in 1998 was very successful and popular. Due to their great success, they are now a part of the curriculum, with one weekly session. Students must bring their own instrument to group sessions. 

The groups range from vocal harmony groups, guitar ensembles to jazz and rock bands and a string group. Groups are arranged for adults and children under 15 separately.

For detailed description of group programs go to

Concerts During the year several concerts are held for students and teachers to participate. These are also a chance for students undergoing AMEB exams and special guests to perform. There will also be a end of year concert for all students and parents. The latter will probably be held between September and December. For more information on concerts at bach2roq click here.

Recordings Some students use the lessons to record their own cds. This can be a very satisfying process when completed. However it requires much focus, patience and persistence to achieve a quality product, and this is often underestimated. For example to record a 5 minute track may take up to 3 hours of lesson time (and maybe more, depending on the student, and how prepared they are). There is also a cost of the mixing and mastering of the cd (usually about $50-100 depending on the number of tracks). Nevertheless it is a very educational, satisfying, artistic and developing process. The students who have attempted this have generally felt it to be a valuable experience. For those new to recording, it is usually best to start with a small number of tracks.

Teachers can be :

  • exclusive subcontract teachers who run their own business but administrate all of their own students through bach2roq, and all fees are paid to bach2roq;
  • referral subcontract teachers who manage their own students and fees but who are associated with bach2roq



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