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bach2roq music theory & aural classes

bach2roq is open for enrolment in classes of music theory and aural training, commencing term 3, 2014:

The aim of introducing this subject as a class is to develop

  • an understanding of basic music theory concepts
  • approaches to sight reading
  • aural skills

The classes will assist the student with their instrumental study in a friendly and inclusive environment. Classes will be one hour classes and will aim to study:

  1. Music Theory: understanding of rhythm, reading and musical notation in general as well as clarifying questions that particular students might have;
  2.  Aural and Ear Training: Rhythm, Intervals and Harmony recognition.

Each class will cover basic theory and applications, with many self-test questions. As an optional extra, there will be a textbook for each class, with the possibility of enrolling in an AMEB theory exam after 6 months. This will be integrated into the classes, but only if the student prefers to have this option. For those students that do not wish to do formal exams, the same material will be presented with self-testing only.

 Music theory and aural skills gives you an insight into how all the notes and rhythms are put together in a composition, in any style: classical, jazz, popular or other. Understanding this opens up doors to your own enjoyment of music as well as your comprehension of something that is mystifying to others.

Fees: $125 per term, payable at time of booking. Theory book (optional) $20 approx

(see for payment methods)

For enquiries and bookings, please contact Selmo Carreira 0459375613



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