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Artist(s)/group Instruments Style and description Dinner or background music Dance music Concert or Floorshow option Playlist Recordings available Audio online
Peter Huf classical 6 & 12 string guitars Peter plays a wide range of styles from classical, jazz, rock and pop on acoustic and electric guitars Yes Some Yes yes click here

Classical Twelve String Guitar vols 1-3 (cds) & recent release "ECLECTOMANIA'

yes-click here
bach2Roq fusion trio piano, guitar,violin eclectic range from classical to pop Yes No Feature na na na
Roderick Junor Pipe organ and keyboard Classical Yes No Yes na na na
Julian Cornish & Peter Huf Classical guitar duo Classical & modern acoustic Yes No No na na yes-click here
Poly Varghese & Peter Huf Veena & guitar & fusion Fusion of Indian improvisatory classical music and western harmonies Yes No Yes na see web page see web page
bach2roq pij vocal harmony, guitar bass drums popular rock-pop dance band Yes Yes Yes coming soon demos available contact us






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