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Music ID Arrangement ID Music Title Arrangement Title ComposedBy ArrangedBy Year of Composition Description performed by Courses link to arrangement
58Folk Guitar For YouFolk Guitar For You - part 1Schultz, N.Schultz, Norman.1972... a unique and innovative approach to playing chord style guitar with RH arpeggio patterns - suitable for beginners to advanced...part 1 consists of setup, and many tips on how to hold the guitar and do basic techniques; basic chords; covers basic strums and using the thumb and/or pick with strumsview
59Folk Guitar For YouFolk Guitar For You part 2/3Schultz, N.Schultz, N.1972part 2 of the series in folk guitar strumming and plucking patterns...commencing with finger arpeggiosview
510Folk Guitar For YouFolk Guitar For You part 3/3Schultz, N.Schultz, N.1972part 3 of folk guitar chords, strumming patterns and arpeggios...part starts at pull offs and bass runsview

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