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nouveau classique six string guitar

Peter Huf

Compact Disc


... original and unique sounds of six string guitars with arrangements drawn from and for all ages...

Rec. Retail $20

track notes

1. Prelude (Huf) This album is my first on six string guitars and a new journey for me into more melodic possibilities. “Normal” people generally say that I am a classical guitarist when they hear me play – classical guitarists say I am not – so I am happy to be ….unsure of what I am. 
2. E minor flamenco (Huf) Written to introduce new guitarists to a Latin style, this piece was, I thought, a rearrangement of something I had heard before. Over the years the students started giving me the credit, so being the opportunist that I am, I’m taking it.
3. Morning merengue (Huf) Well, it started off as a merengue rhythm, but evolved, mellowed and metamorphosed somewhat. It is really fun to play; for me it is pure music – thoughts disappear when I play or listen to it.
4. Moorish dance (trad arr Collier) One of the little gems from Colliers delightful guitar compilation. Only took about 50 takes – easy.
5. Curvas (Pena) What a fantastic composition. It combines classical and flamenco styles with a driving rhythm that compels the listener to move along with it. It is very popular with students. A counter melody is added in verse 3. 
6. Guárdame las vacas (Mudarra) This piece was published about 500 years ago. The title means “Herd the cows”. As a farm boy at heart I am intrigued that shepherds had such good music back then too. On this track we introduce Julian Cornish (artist and guitarist) who plays the melody on this track.
7. Time will tell (Huf In moments when you are not sure, if you can wait – time will tell. 
8. Song for Joel (Huf) This theme emerged amongst the joy of the arrival of my first child. I was so happy I couldn’t walk straight for days.
9. Love desert (Huf) In times of solitude we can grow in areas that we need to – if you can face the challenge.
10. Prelude 9 plus (Huf) This is hopefully the start of a bigger piece that might appear later.
11. Josh’n’Dad (Huf & Holderness) Joshua, my second son, wrote the chord sequence and got me going. There you go Josh, we can do it.
12. Malaguena (trad arr Papas) A flamenco form from a delightful and formative guitar tutor.
13. Rock fourth (Huf) Based on the “Peter Gunn theme”, with the added chord on the fourth.
14. An object of folly (trad arr Clift & Huf) In the tradition of folias. This is David’s primero composición.
15. Voyage pour deux (Huf) Pour ma belle, Dianne. 

Dedicated to the memory of my parents Ted and Jean who gave me a wonderful childhood, and the zest to share life with passion and music.


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