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Classical Twelve String Guitar II - Crossing over

Peter Huf

Compact Disc

... a fusion twelve string guitar with orchestral and percussive instruments.........."guitar excellence" (Geelong Advertiser)

Tracks 1. Study #1 (Villa-Lobos) 2. Weekend Rag (Huf) 3. Back Streets Square Dance Huf) 4.Fantasia (Mudarra) 5. Gallarda (Mudarra) 6. Danza Viva (Liebert) 7. Spanish Steel (Huf) 8. Signe (Clapton) 9.Pegao (Feliciano) 10.Summer Dreaming (Huf) 11. One Finger (Huf) 12.Let The Right Side Speak Now (Huf)

Rec Retail $22


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