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ideas for the first few lessons

all instruments

  • don't go too fast, take your time and get to know the students

  • teach some easy preludes to start with, and a beginner scale

  • start sight reading in lesson 1,2 or 3, but go easy on this, and tell the student it is quite hard

  • finish off  the lesson by talking about or trying to play a piece that the student likes

  • tell the student to bring some ideas of their own to try next week

  • tell the student to try to practise regularly, in smaller timeslots if need

  • keep a brief record of your lessons

  • develop your own style of teaching and playing

  • contribute your own ideas to the teaching, use the bach2roq resources as a guide, but do not limit yourself to this.

  • treat all your students as individuals; it is hard to have a formula that works for everybody


  • it is a good idea to start on on chords and preludes, but not so much scales in the first few weeks


  • start with simples note exercises (eg find the c, etc...) then prelude 3

  • start sight reading from week 1


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