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Business management

Public liability

  1. Public liability covers the business from claims made by a 3rd party during a work situation (eg lesson)
  2. This applies in studios and student homes whenever a student comes to a place for a lesson.
  3. The business insurance covers all accidents to 3rd parties in Australia.
  4. All staff on the bach2Roq payroll are covered in the current policy.
  5. It must be shown that we are operating with risk management procedures.
  6. All staff must be aware of the safety practises of the business, and follow these procedures. (see Safety.htm)


  1. Indeminity is loss of income due to fault of Bach2Roq.
  2. We do not provide indemnity cover for the business, as our students are not at risk of losing income from the normal procedures of the business.


  1. Misconduct involves threats, bad language, improper behaviour or improper approachment by the staff to a 3rd party.
  2. At this stage we are not covered by this, but are currently investigating the possibility of this insurance.
  3. At this point, all staff are required to act in an appropriat and non-threatening manner to all students.
  4. Any misconduct by staff will be seen to be the responsibility of them as an individual, and the busienss accepts no responsibility for their actions.


  1. Workcover provides assistance to employees in the case of injury or related problems
  2. bach2roq employees are, we believe, covered by WorkCover.


Last updated Dec 17 2006

(See also responsibilities of teachers in Teacher info form.)


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