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All teachers

  1. Plan your lesson to include at least 2-3 new things to go through in the next lesson
  2. Keep student records.
  3. Notify the main studio of the student email, or changes to that.
  4. Wait for notification that the student has paid for the lessons. Do not teach the student unless the lesson has been pre-paid.
  5. Be courteous to the students and parents. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
  6. Be encouraging, but firm where required. Be honest with your assessment to the student, but also give praise for any progress.
  7. Ensure that your teaching studio is safe, and free from hazards. Ensure that there are no obstacles, or falling objects. Ensure all electrical equipment is safe and checked.
  8. Do not let children play unsupervised.
  9. Attend teachers meetings when required.
  10. Use the online form to submit a timesheet fro your payment, after the lesson has been given. This may occur at the teachers discretion - weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at the end of the term. Allow 1 week for payment to be made.
  11. Do not teach the student if payment has been made. Teachers will not receive payment if the student does not pay for the lesson. Use the online payment record system to check the student payment record.

All cadet teachers and their parents

  1. Ensure that an adult is present to be able to supervise the lesson.

(See also responsibilities of teachers in Teacher info form.)


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